There is an opportunity to be the first to be in time, – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the counteroffensive


There is an opportunity to be the first to arrive, – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the counteroffensive

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">Ukraine receives offensive weapons from its partners. The start of Ukraine's counter-offensive will depend on a military capability that the General Staff keeps secret.

About thisChannel 24said Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military expert, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan. He also mentioned that Ukraine's partners have arguments why it is worth waiting with a counteroffensive.

According to Svitan, Ukraine has the opportunity to launch offensive operations before Russia, moreover, we had such an opportunity even in the summer . However, the expert notes that one should also listen to partners who advise not to rush into offensive actions, but to wait for the delivery of weapons.

When the Russians have offensive capability

Svitan is convinced that, first of all, it is necessary to proceed from the capabilities and needs of the Ukrainian army, which the general public is not aware of, because this is classified information.

We have the possibility of an offensive until the Russians can put their infantry on the armor. More or less they will succeed before the end of spring. Halfway to the beginning, the colonel added.

He assumes that in March-April, the Russians will be able to set a task to carry out certain offensive actions, but it will not be large-scale. It can acquire a larger scale in late spring – early summer.

“We just need to have time to drive the Russians out of the maximum area of ​​the occupied territory of Ukraine by this moment. I think we will solve this issue, including with the help of our allies,” Svitan summed up. -subtitle cke-markup”>Ukrainian counter-offensive: the last one

  • The White House urged Ukraine to wait with the counter-offensive. Namely, to wait for the necessary American weapons to be received, as well as for the exercises.
  • At a meeting in Davos, President Volodymyr Zelensky listed what weapons Ukraine needs for an effective counteroffensive.
  • Foreign media believe that The West is preparing Ukraine for a new Russian offensive. It is reported that the presence of tanks in Ukraine will be of great importance.

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