There is no forgiveness: is peace between Ukrainians and Russians possible in half a century?


There is no forgiveness: is peace between Ukrainians and Russians possible in half a century

The war will end someday. All wars eventually end. The Russians will remain to live on their land – those who supported the war, who rejoiced at the death of Ukrainians, who wrote cynical comments under photographs of the consequences of missile strikes.

Mira no more

Faithful Putinists and simply sympathizers. A lot of them. There are a lot of them. From Voronezh to Vladivostok. Millions.

Ukrainians will live on their land. Those who lost loved ones, relatives, friends in this war, part of their lives, precious time, houses, apartments, jobs, savings.

Those for whom the war crippled their fate, love, career, took or broke the most valuable , dear and irreplaceable – a peaceful creative life, a family. Changed the future.

There will be a demarcation line. There will be some agreement. But there will be no peace.

The end of a war does not always mean peace. Those who started this war will not go anywhere. Those who repelled the blow will not go anywhere. And their families. And their friends.

And graves. By the way, on both sides.

Hatred will not disappear with the last shot

Hatred of those who wanted to capture and kill and hatred of those who wanted to capture and kill, unlikely to disappear with the last shot. And they won't disappear in a year. And after 10. Maybe after 50, but not a fact. To do this, the aggressor must become a dove of peace, and this is unlikely.

For example, I will never forgive or forget anything in my life. And my children too. And I will punish my grandchildren. Not only me, believe me.

There is no forgiveness, justification or understanding for what happened. It won't show up over time. I don't like the word “forever”, but for me it's forever. Plague territory. Where the enemies live.

Not only the regime is to blame, believe me. The regime is also those who vote for it: from Voronezh to Vladivostok. Millions. They have no forgiveness. Everyone together. And to each individually.

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