There is no logic in Scholz's statements: will Germany be persuaded to provide tanks to Ukraine


There is no logic in Scholz's statements: will he convince Germany to provide tanks to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is trying to find the slightest lead to delay the moment of voicing permission for the transfer of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine by Western partner countries. Thus, he tries to avoid responsibility.

This Channel 24 was told by political scientist Igor Reyterovich. According to him, this will be resolved soon.

What Scholz is afraid of

Igor Reiterovich said that Scholz's proposal on the need to transfer to Ukraine first the American M1 “Abrams” tanks, and only then the German Leopard tanks is stupid.

According to him, the problem is not that to supply equipment, but also to supply the Ukrainian side with components and repair teams.

“At a minimum, we need to transfer an additional large number of people who will be able to service this equipment if it is knocked out in Ukraine,” he stressed.

The political scientist explained that the equipment after the battlefield repair not only in Ukraine. Poland and the Czech Republic are helping with this.

There is no logic in Scholz's statement. This is an attempt to somehow avoid this responsibility,” he commented.

In his opinion, the German chancellor is well aware that the Leopard is in service with the vast majority of EU countries that are simultaneously NATO countries, no no problem with their maintenance.

Also, Ukraine will be able to place the corresponding workshops on its territories away from the front line.

“Scholz is now trying to find some such reservations to maximize this decision But I think that after today's conversation with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, by and large, there will not be many options,” Reiterovich commented.

Probably, the deliveries will not be direct.

Igor Reiterovich told why Scholz does not make a final decision on the transfer of equipment to Ukraine: watch the video

How many tanks Ukraine can get

The political scientist said that Germany does not have many of its own tanks to transfer. Therefore, it is said about granting permission for the transfer of equipment.

“Other countries can now quite quickly, efficiently and painlessly collect at least 100-200 tanks for Ukraine and transfer them to Ukraine,” he stressed.

Igor Reiterovich commented that, according to retired German generals, it will take Ukraine up to 10 days to learn how to operate this technique.

According to him, Germany must provide permission, because without it the situation will slow down for such countries like Spain, Poland and others.

The strategic nature of Germany's decision

The political scientist explained that such actions are important for Germany itself. This will help her solve two problems at once.

  • “The first is to update the tank fleet itself and the military-technical park of Germany and other NATO countries,” he explained.
  • According to him In other words, the second point is maximum support for Ukraine.

Our victory here guarantees, in fact, peace for them there, on their land,” Reiterovich noted.

He added that if the situation develops in a completely different way, sooner or later war will come to the whole West.

Military assistance for Ukraine: latest news

  • Ukraine is guaranteed to receive three Patriot SAM batteries. They will be provided by the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Poland will send 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine. President Andrzej Duda said this.
  • Great Britain will also provide tanks. This is a Challenger squadron.

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