There is no place for corrupt officials here, – Davydyuk called the necessary conditions for the restoration of Ukraine


There is no place for corrupt officials here, – Davydyuk named the necessary conditions for the restoration of Ukraine

Why is it important for Ukraine to get rid of corrupt officials/collage of Channel 24

In order to actively and effectively restore Ukraine, we need to understand that the more corruption we have, the longer we will receive funds from partners. We need to completely abandon any kind of corruption – not a single embezzlement and nepotism.

Political scientist Nikolai Davydyuk told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that Western companies and Russian money should rebuild Ukraine, but on our territory. Then we will have a full quota of trust.

“The lack of competition for the head of NABU and the tangibility of the head of SAP are the most signal points that we have not closed. And until we close them, we will not be able to receive funds until then,” the political scientist explains.

According to Mykola Davidyuk, this is very clear and fair, because first you need to do your homework, and then take the money .

“But now it turns out that the whole country is suffering because of 10-20 corrupt officials. The promised 750 billion dollars, which are assigned for post-war reconstruction, are by no means worth those corrupt officials who run around the government quarter and beg not to be held accountable” , adds Davidyuk.

This is extremely unfair, especially during the war – how many people die every day, how many people are injured and how much housing and infrastructure are simply destroyed, – the political scientist notes .

I believe that this will change, because I hope that the authorities understand and see everything. Therefore, I believe that we will get the necessary and honest leaders for these structures, the expert says.

According to him, the population very clearly sends signals to the authorities, because we all make it clear that we do not want corruption in our country.

The war has devastated us, today we do not have a “fat reserve” for corrupt officials. The previous 30 years fattened and plundered what was left of the Soviet government and robbed the Ukrainian potential, – Davidyuk is convinced. strong> . Therefore, there is no place for corrupt officials in Ukraine, the political scientist concludes.

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