There is no reason that the Russians will refuse, – a human rights activist about the trial of the defenders of Mariupol


There is no reason that the Russians will refuse, – human rights activist about the trial of the defenders of Mariupol< /p>

Russia is preparing a demonstration trial of the captured defenders of Mariupol. Nothing can stop the Kremlin from wanting to get even with the indestructible Ukrainian military.

This Channel 24 was told by human rights activist, coordinator of the Human Rights Media Initiative Tatyana Katrichenko. According to her, the infidels will arrange a trial of the people of Azov, despite all the warnings of the Ukrainian authorities or other reasons. nurtured the idea of ​​such an action.

There is no reason why the Russians would stop this practice. This will be a key event in their understanding, for which they have been preparing since 2014, holding similar “trials” in the occupied territories. – said Katrichenko.

The Russian invaders want to turn the so-called “tribunal” over the Ukrainian military into a terrible sight.

“This “trial” will be as ridiculous as possible – in the Philharmonic, on stage, in scary cages… These cells will probably not have 10 people, but more . Indeed, in the occupied territories, the Russians “transfer” prisoners of war to the status of suspects and defendants,” the human rights activist admitted.

Why does Russia need a demonstration trial in Mariupol

As Katrichenko noted, while it is impossible to fully understand what the infidels' intention is, she added that the Ukrainian Azov regiment has been demonized in Russia for years.

Even before the start of a full-scale invasion, the Russians promised trials against the Azov people. And the Supreme Court of Russia recognized Azov as a “terrorist organization,” the human rights activist noted.

According to Katrichenko, Russia on purpose incites hysteria in Russian society around the fighters of Denis Prokopenko's regiment. And the Kremlin wants to show its strength and justify the war in Ukraine with a show trial. Like, that's who the Russians have to fight and from whom they “liberate” the Ukrainian territories.

What consequences will the trial have

The human rights activist stressed that from a legal point of view, neither Ukraine nor other states of the world recognize the actions of infidels.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">However, we cannot talk about the safety of Ukrainian prisoners of war, especially after Alenovka,” she stressed.

Katrichenko added that if foreign citizens are among the military, then the Kremlin can use this to blackmail Ukraine's Western allies.

revenge. So Russia wants to provoke Ukrainians into aggressive actions, which could then be shown,” the human rights activist said.

Katrichenko suggested whether a “tribunal” would be held against the defenders Mariupol: watch the video

invaders are preparing a trial in Mariupol: in short

  • The UN condemned the intention to hold a trial of Ukrainian prisoners in Mariupol. Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ravina Shamdasani noted that prisoners of war cannot be tried, since they are protected by the immunity of a participant in hostilities.
  • According to the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko, the Russians can prepare lynching of Ukrainian prisoners of war on August 24.< /li>
  • According to Ukrainian intelligence, infidels can commit a terrorist act during the trial.

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