There is no reliable date for a possible new Russian attack on Ukraine – Kuleba

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Достоверной даты возможного нового нападения России на Украину не существует – Кулеба

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba denied that there is any reliable date for a new attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

– There are no reliable theoretical dates of the beginning of the Russian aggression. It all exists in social networks, reflections of our experts, citizens. But none of the available information allows us to make even an assumption about a certain date–” Dmitry Kuleba stressed during a briefing for foreign media on Wednesday, February 2.

The Minister stressed that Kiev has full information about the maneuvers of the Russian Federation and what is happening along our border.

He said that if Russia’s exercises in Belarus begin to “evolve into something else”” Ukraine will be able to ”instantly” see it and prepare.

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