There is no such thing as Transnistria: how Russian agents work in Moldova

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There is no such thing as Transnistria: how Russian agents work in Moldova

54 participants of pro-Russian protests were detained in Chisinau.

Moldovan investigative journalists, in collaboration with publications from 60 countries in Europe and the United States, learned about the Russian strategy of influencing Moldova, developed in the Kremlin about two years ago. It notes that Russia planned to establish political control over Moldova by 2030. We have already seen something similar with Belarus, Russia also planned to almost occupy it by 2030.

How Russian agents work in Moldova and how to solve this problem with Transnistria, said in an exclusive interview with , Major General of the Reserve of the Security Service of Ukraine, former Deputy Chairman of the SBU Viktor Yagun.

“The problem of Transnistria will end with the problem of Russia. When Russia ceases to exist in the form in which it is now, when its military power is finally destroyed, I think everything will end with Transnistria on the same day. Therefore, there is no such thing like Transnistria. There are a handful of officials there who have been parasitizing for 30 years on criminal schemes. There are some one and a half thousand military personnel who consider themselves citizens of the Russian Federation, although two-thirds of them were born in Transnistria and have nothing to do with Russia, except that they received passports there,” he said.

According to Yagun, the number of people who are ready to defend Russia's interests in Transnistria with weapons in their hands is not only critically small, it is scanty. Therefore, Transnistria in general, as a kind of combat unit, should be forgotten, he says.

“I don’t know who is constantly playing along with this topic. As for the Russian territory in Moldova, they missed the moment when they could do it. Now the services of our partners, the Ukrainian intelligence service, are actively involved, actively helping the Moldovan authorities to expose possible Russian agents in environment of certain political structures, proper work is being done with the local population, those cells that may be unstable are being liquidated, they know by name who can be responsible for what, there are documented facts of the transfer of funds, an understanding through whom these funds are transferred, who is behind it everyone is worth it. They have actively begun to work in the information field,” Yagun said.

The major general of the reserve noted that Moldova has no border with Russia and Russia cannot do anything. The landing party could not land on the beaches of Odessa, and they will definitely not be able to walk several tens of kilometers to the border with Moldova. That is, it's all fantasy in the sick imagination of Russian generals, Yagun added.

Recall that the journalists published the Kremlin's plan to seize Moldova. The strategic goals of Russia are to force Chisinau to join the CSTO and participate in the Eurasian Economic Union.

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