There is not enough quantity of weapons, because in quality we already prevail, – military expert


There is not enough quantity of weapons, because in quality we already prevail, - military expert

Despite the insane losses of personnel and equipment, the Russian invaders still do not give up their attempts to attack in the East of Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine heroically repulse enemy attacks, but they need more weapons.

Andrey Kramarov, a military expert, spoke about this on Channel 24 . According to him, a turning point at the front will occur when the Russians exhaust all their reserves, which can be thrown in waves to attack the positions of Ukrainian fighters.

“Perhaps we will get the same situation that once was in the Kharkov direction. The Russians, throwing out all the reserves for the assaults, exposed their rear by this. move forward effectively,” he said.

The situation with ammunition in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has improved

Kramarov noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need more weapons . In particular, shells, so as not to save every ammunition, but to use every opportunity to repel enemy attacks and liberate their territories.

We lack only quantity, we are already significantly superior in quality. First of all, a larger amount of ammunition would be very helpful now, in order to understand that we can not save this, but use it at every opportunity that we have,” he said.

The military expert stressed that Ukrainian fighters very quickly and effectively master new types of weapons and even offer their own tactics, as described by Western instructors.

According to Andrei Kramarov, the situation with the provision of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun to improve significantly over the past 2 weeks.

“In dense urban battles, unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to fully use the artillery batteries that we now have. Although they are extremely accurate and long-range, we take care of our fighters,” the expert added.

Kramarov about weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: watch the video

Armament expansion for MiG-29 aircraft

Kramarov said that the MiG-29 aircraft, which will soon be handed over to Ukraine, have certain features : improved communications that greatly expand their capabilities, a new aircraft navigation system and the introduction of a new fire control system.

“The last 3 months in the West have been expanding the range of weapons that these aircraft can use. As far as I understand, these are MiG-29 aircraft, since they have an improved fire control system. Now they are trying to attach the weapons we need to them, which these aircraft will be able to use it on the front line,” he says.

The military expert gave the example of the Hellfire missile, which has been used to win all armed conflicts since 1973. In his opinion, obtaining such weapons will strengthen the defensive, and subsequently the offensive potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

The Slovak government approved the dispatch of 13 MiG-29s to Ukraine

  • Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Geger confirmed that the Slovak government has approved the dispatch of 13 MiG-29s to Ukraine. He noted that “promises must be kept”.
  • In addition, Slovakia will send part of the Soviet-made Kub anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.
  • In a telephone conversation, the Ukrainian president thanked Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Geger for a powerful package of air and anti-aircraft weapons, including MiG aircraft.

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