There is nothing surprising here, – the researcher explained the statement of the Minister of Iran on the Crimea and Donbass


There is nothing surprising here, – the researcher explained the Iranian minister's statement about Crimea and Donbas

The Iranian Foreign Minister's statement that Crimea and Donbass are Ukraine is not surprising. Iran's position on this issue has never changed.

This Channel 24 was told by the director of the Center for Middle East Studies Igor Semivolos. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian said that Iran does not recognize Crimea and Donbas as Russian.

Iran's statement is not surprising

Semivolos noted that the Iranian Foreign Ministry has not departed from Tehran's traditional statements. They have always been as follows:

  • Iran has never heard statements about the recognition of the occupied Ukrainian territories by Russians. Not in 2014, not in 2022.
  • The Iranians deny their participation in the supply of drones. They once showed weakness for no reason, claiming to have been supplying drones to Russia even before the war.
  • Iran itself is experiencing territorial problems where a separatist movement could escalate, leading to the collapse of Iran.

These are Kurds, Azeris and Balochi. Those national communities of Iran that are now actively involved in the protests. If we are talking about the Kurds and Baluch, they sometimes wage an armed struggle against the Iranian regime. In particular, not only for liberation from the Islamic regime, but also for strengthening its autonomy within Iran or beyond, – said the director of the Center for Middle East Studies.

Semivolos explained the Iranian minister's statement on Crimea and Donbass: watch the video such a statement is unexpected news. After all, it came out against the backdrop of warm relations between Tehran and Moscow. Now, diplomatically, Russia must summon the Iranian ambassador and hand him a note of protest. However, this will not happen, because Russia needs drones, missiles.

“Lavrov or Peskov will come out and say that this happens, this is happening. A few days ago, another thing happened. Russians also call Serbs brothers. And the President of Serbia also said that Serbia does not recognize the forcible entry of Crimea and Donbass into Russia,” – stressed the political strategist.

He added that now everywhere you look, Russia will be stabbed in the back everywhere. This means that the geopolitical weight of Russia in the world is falling.

Tiesenhausen on the statement of the Iranian Foreign Ministry: watch the video

Iran News: Latest Events

  • Russia and Iran decided to expand their cooperation and turned their attention to the digital asset sector. Totalitarian regimes plan to create their own stablecoin.
  • In Iran, an official has officially announced that Iran is buying Su-35 aircraft from Russia. The first fighters in the country are expected early next year.
  • Russia is seeking to obtain ballistic missiles from Iran. Iranian missiles have a different principle of operation than Russian ones and that is why they are more dangerous.

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