There may be a number of such attacks – Podolyak on the latest shelling of Ukraine


There may be a number of such attacks, – Podolyak about the latest shelling of Ukraine

On the night of January 26, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drones. And by morning they launched cruise missiles. Such massive strikes will continue right up to the victory of Ukraine. Russia will not change.

This was stated in an exclusive interview to Channel 24 by Mikhail Podolyak, Advisor to the Head of the President's Office. Nothing new has happened, he said. Russian invaders continue to attack Ukrainian energy and literally terrorize the civilian population.

Must understand this. And international partners also understand this from what we see in the transfer of weapons. Everyone understands the tactics of Russia. And no one fundamentally reacts to Russia's statements. Unfortunately, this will continue for some time. And we'll talk about attacks by drones and cruise missiles. There may be a number of such attacks,” Podolyak noted.

He stressed that you need to be prepared for the fact that there will not be peace in Ukraine until the end of the war. It is necessary to respond as carefully as possible to air raid signals and go to cover.

It is unlikely that the tactics of the Russians will change. They will continue to engage in terrorism and attack Ukraine with all the means they can.

Did the occupiers use Iranian missiles during the morning attack

Russian propagandists began to say that during the massive missile attack on January 26, Iranian ballistic missiles were used for the first time. Podolyak urgedto wait with premature conclusions.

Ukrainian intelligence and other experts are clearly studying this situation. They will confirm if this really happened.

Russia is indeed conducting extremely intensive negotiations with Iran on the exchange of aircraft, technology, including nuclear, and money in exchange for specific ballistic missiles . Russia has already used a number of experimental S-400 missiles against Kyiv. We must wait for an expert assessment of a new attack on Kyiv,” Podolyak said.

You should not trust Russian propagandists, because these “rubber companies” often lie and spread various misinformation.

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