There may be unpleasant results, – Yakovenko suggested what is the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow


There may be unpleasant results, - Yakovenko suggested what is the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow

China is taking steps towards supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine. Probably, the transfer of Chinese weapons will still take place.

Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 about this. According to him, any actions by China in support of the Russian dictator Putin and his policies will have a negative impact on the course of events in Ukraine.

Will China decide

Igor Yakovenko said that he hoped that Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow would not bring anything serious.

But there is a certain probability that either directly or through Lukashenka, Xi Jinping will decide on some kind of support for Russia, he stressed.

According to him, the Chinese head of Russia will not give serious weapons.

“He was clearly told that the sanctions that would be brought down on China would disrupt the Chinese economy. Because China is still not Russia,” he stressed.

In addition, China is very afraid of losing credibility in the global economic market.

Igor Yakovenko told how the visit of the President of China to Moscow will turn out for Ukraine: watch the video

Possibility of arms transfer to Russia

However, even with this in mind, Xi Jinping is moving from neutrality in favor of Putin to, albeit limited, but support for the Putin regime in this war.

The very fact of his visit is a very unpleasant thing, – the oppositionist is convinced.

Yakovenko stressed that it is unlikely that China will supply Russia with tanks and artillery.

“If he even supplies ammunition, perhaps this means that the war may drag on. Every step towards Chinese support for Russia is additional blood for the Ukrainian military,” he said.

In addition, Xi Jinping, at the 20th Congress of the CPC, stepped towards a meeting of militarism and politics against the West.

To some extent, this is going beyond the limits of the previous Chinese rationality, so unpleasant results can be expected here,” Yakovenko added.

According to him, I want to believe that common sense will be restored and Xi Jinping will refrain from taking decisive steps.

China vs the world

Igor Yakovenko stressed that the Chinese peace plan is in fact absolutely pro-Russian.

“Any plan that does not include the withdrawal of the Russian army from the territory of Ukraine is Putin's plan,” he explained.

In his opinion, the President of China has already done enough for Putin, and this will be the end of his efforts.

However, there are many that can influence decisions. For example, the self-proclaimed leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“By the way, it is possible that the equipment will be through Lukashenka, because China has quite serious military-technical cooperation with Lukashenka,” he said.

According to the oppositionist, there is hope that sanctions will still be imposed on such actions.

All serious plots lead directly to the battlefield,” he stressed.

So the visit of Xi Jinping can leave an imprint on what is happening at the front.

What is known about the provision of military assistance by China to Russia

  • US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that China could still take an escalation step, in particular, by providing deadly military assistance to Russia. According to him, the Joe Biden administration still does not believe that China “made a decision to move forward.”
  • Public and political figure from the United States Yuri Rashkin believes that now one of the main tasks of US diplomats is to prevent China from getting involved in Russia's war against Ukraine. Rashkin stressed that China would not want to lose the Western market due to sanctions after a possible arms delivery. However, Beijing also does not like the idea that a dictator can lose in a war.
  • China is outraged by the fact that information about the negotiations on the sale of weapons to Russia was published on the network. Beijing accuses the Kremlin of leaking data. An anonymous EU official said China insisted that any support be kept strictly confidential because the publicity would undermine Beijing's claim to “maintain neutrality.”

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