There was a double of Putin in Crimea, – ex-SBU officer pointed out interesting details


There was a double of Putin in Crimea, - ex-SBU officer pointed out interesting details

On the anniversary of the occupation of Crimea, on March 18, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was “drifted” onto the occupied peninsula. It was not the bunker grandfather himself who arrived on a visit to Crimea, but his double.

This opinion was expressed on Channel 24 by a former SBU officer and expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak. According to him, in Crimea, Putin gesticulated heavily with his right hand, although he usually presses it to him or holds it to the table.

Dictator's doppelgänger arrived in Crimea

Stupak noted that Putin's visit to Crimea was announced 2 weeks ago and everyone thought: the dictator himself or his double would come. A former SBU officer is convinced that a double of the bunker has arrived on the peninsula .

I thought it was a double. Because he was gesticulating with his right hand very actively. Usually, when he sits at the table, he holds his right hand or presses it somewhere when he gets off the plane. Here he is waving it, – he noticed.

Earlier, the so-called “governor” of the temporarily occupied Sevastopol announced the opening of a children's center, which Putin was supposed to see that day via videoconference. But the dictator himself came to Crimea.

Ivan Stupak stressed that the FSB probably took into account that Ukraine has drones that can fly at a distance of up to 800,000 kilometers. Therefore, they planned this visit in such a way that no one knew for sure whether Putin would come .

“It would be very humiliating if there was a Ukrainian drone there. There was a very big slap in the face for them with a search warrant for Putin. And here it would be even more humiliating for Russia. So maybe they planned this visit so that no one would know. Putin suddenly arrived, showed up and instantly disappeared,” the former SBU officer added.

Stupak on Putin's visit to Crimea: watch video

Putin arrived in the occupied Crimea: what is known

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arrived in Crimea on the anniversary of the occupation of the peninsula, March 18. Obviously, this is the last visit to the captured peninsula. For Ukraine will liberate Crimea.
  • Bunker grandfather was seen in Sevastopol. There is no evidence that this is Putin, of course. Putin's doppelgangers are increasingly coming out into the world.
  • At the same time, the network noted that in the published frames, the bunker grandfather is noticeably limping. It can be seen that each step is given to him quite hard. The dictator barely keeps up with his henchmen.

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