There was a powerful “cotton” at the landfill of the invaders, – Chubarov about interesting events in the Crimea


There was a powerful

On March 17, late in the evening, there were strong explosions in the village of Perevalnoye near Simferopol. There are powerful military units there.

Refat Chubarov, head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, spoke about this on the air of Channel 24 . He stressed that there had long been a training ground in the indicated place, and military units of the occupying army are based there.

“There are areas where you don’t want to rush until this is commented on, say, by the Ukrainian special services, or special units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But I can say for sure that there was a “pop” late last night. People wrote to us that there were very powerful explosions. I don’t think that any exercises were staged there the night before Putin’s possible arrival,” the speaker stressed.

Vladimir Putin in Crimea: watch video

“Cotton” in Sevastopol

On the morning of March 18, explosions also took place in Sevastopol, Refat Chubarov said. He ironically described the panic of Russians in public and their fears about a powerful “pop”. In turn, the so-called “governor” of the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced “planned training.”

Some experts believe that under conditions of such extreme tension and security measures, there may have been a collision of one of the Russian units with another. Accidentally, erroneously, but such things happen in such situations,” the chairman of the Mejlis said.

Putin's visit to Crimea: what is known

  • On March 18, information appeared that Vladimir Putin had arrived in Sevastopol. Exactly 9 years ago, a fake “referendum” and the “attachment” of Crimea to Russia took place.
  • The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to this event by recalling that the “action” staged by the Kremlin at gunpoint was contrary to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, grossly violated international law and was not recognized by the international community.
  • It should be noted that military experts believe that there are two options for the liberation of Crimea: both by military means.

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