There was a video of the beginning of the conflict with the participation of the Dagestani in the bus in Moscow

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There was a video of the beginning of the conflict in Moscow, when the Dagestani promised to beat the Russians

A video appeared on the network of the beginning of the conflict on a bus in Moscow with the participation of a native of Dagestan, who promised to beat the Russians and made a scandal. The video from the driver's cab is published by the Dvach Telegram channel.

The footage shows how the passenger knocks on the glass of the driver's cab and asks the driver to drop him off at a bus stop, calls the man a sheep and swears.

In response to this, the Russian driver of the bus says that there will be a stop soon. He also calls him a monkey and a devil, and in a rude way, he tells a bus passenger to be quiet. The video ends with a verbal skirmish between a native of Dagestan and other bus passengers, the video of which appeared online on January 15.

Earlier, a native of Dagestan apologized for his words and admitted that his statements towards the Russian nation were too harsh.

The conflict in the Moscow bus became known on Saturday, January 15. The young man had a skirmish with the driver, who refused to drop him off in the wrong place. After the passenger began to insult other people. The man introduced himself as a Dagestani and said that “you Russians should behave like this.” “The time will come when we will beat you all. We are Dagestanis,” he said.

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