There was “Moscow” – now it's gone – the head of the State Border Service trolled Russia and its sunken cruiser


There used to be

“Moscow” burned and sank/Ministry of Defense of Russia

The cruiser Moskva caught fire on March 13, and sank a day later. The State Border Service trolled Russia with its sunken ship.

So now only the “qua” is left of the cruiser “Moskva”. This is what Sergei Deineko, head of the State Border Service, wrote on his Facebook page.

He recalled how the “sea orcs” liked to paint over the names and tail numbers.

There was “Moskva” – now it's gone. “Kva-knula”, losing the first letters, – he said.

He also remembered the saying “whatever you call a yacht, so it will float.”

“For there is nothing to threaten, You can also get it from Neptune. No wonder the defenders of Zmeinoy already on February 24 indicated the now world-famous course for this Russian ship, “added Daineko.

And he stressed that the other Moscow – the one that is the capital – for all its deeds, should not relax either, because “a Molotov cocktail can turn into a Napoleonic 1812 cocktail.”

There was "Moscow" ; – not now, – the head of the State Border Service trolled Russia and its sunken cruiser

“Moskva” sank/Photo from Daineko's Facebook

“Moskva” sank : what you need to know

  • On April 13, Aleksey Arestovich reported that the Moskva cruiser was on fire.
  • The next day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially announced that the Ukrainian Neptune missile had hit the ship “. The ship “capsized and began to sink”.
  • Even in the aggressor state on the evening of April 14, it was confirmed that the flagship “Moskva” had sunk.
  • Liquidation of the “Moskva” reduced the salvo of missiles by almost 25%. Russians in the Black Sea. This was reported at the Institute of Black Sea Strategic Studies.

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