There were no attacks on Khmelnitsky, but a rocket was shot down near the city


There were no attacks on Khmelnitsky, but a rocket was shot down near the city

There were no blows on Khmelnitsky, but a rocket was shot down near the city/Collage of Channel 24

In Khmelnitsky, during the air raid on the evening of May 25, sounds similar to explosions were heard. However, later it turned out that there were no strikes on the city, and the locals heard the sounds of the air defense.

The defenders of our sky did a very good job and shot down the Russian missile before it flew into the city. That's why no one got hurt. This was reported a few hours after the lights out.

They told where the rocket fragments fell

It is not known what target the Russians were trying to hit. The regional administration noted that the ammunition was broken in the sky. Debris fell into the field, so there are no casualties or destruction. However, residents of the region were urged to always stay in shelters until the end of the air raid, because it can save lives.

Since the residents of Khmelnytsky were worried, the mayor of the city Alexander Simchishin also reacted to this. He stressed that the information about the explosions in the village was unreliable. He also added that the air defense forces effectively worked precisely within the Khmelnytsky region. That is, the missile was shot down near the regional center.

When they started reporting explosions

As in most areas, alarm sirens began to buzz in the Khmelnytsky region at about 8 pm. About 50 minutes later, residents of the region began writing about the explosions on social networks.

A day earlier, on May 24, Russian troops launched rocket attacks on the Kharkiv region. In particular, they attacked the city of Lozovaya, Kharkov region. Fortunately, there, too, everything went off without casualties and destruction. This was announced by the mayor of the city Sergei Zelensky. He also noted that the fighting in the Kharkiv region continues, but there is no ground threat to Lozova.

Important! If you see the place where the missile hit, do not spread any information about it on social networks. We are talking about the addresses of the places where missiles hit, photos and videos with the consequences of shelling or. It is also not allowed to disseminate information about the work of air defense. So after all, you can help the enemy to adjust the fire. This threatens the lives of not only our defenders, but also rescuers working at the site of impact. Back to news

The night before, the invaders hit Zaporozhye with 4 rockets: watch the video

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