There were no hypersonic weapons – Putin explained why he did not start a full-scale war in 2014


There were no hypersonic weapons - Putin explained why he did not start a full-scale war in 2014

A full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine could have started much earlier than February 24, 2022, if not for one nuance. Even 8 years ago, Russia itself did not have the capacity to conduct such a war.

The international criminal spoke about this in an interview with the Russian media, writes Channel 24. He stressed that, unlike in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and broke into the Donbass, in 2022 the occupying country was more ready for war.

Russia didn't seem to want war

However, at first he tried to justify himself and pretend to be a “peacemaker”, who allegedly did not want war. Putin said that he was counting on a peaceful solution to the “problem” without confrontation, but “none of our (Russia – Channel 24) so-called partners was going to solve anything by peaceful means.” But, as Putin said, the West pumped up Ukraine with weapons and prepared it for hostilities.

Obviously, he hoped that Ukraine and civilized countries would simply wave their hands and say “take it.” Therefore, the dictator was indignant on camera that Ukraine was conducting military operations in order to return its lands and people from occupation.

Russia has long been preparing for a full-scale war

However, the president of the terrorist country immediately stressed that in 2014 Russia was simply not ready for war. Neither financially, nor economically, nor militarily. Now the aggressor has allegedly adjusted:

  • development of technologies for providing the people with food independently from other states,
  • import substitution in critical areas of the country's life,
  • strengthened the Russian financial system.

The dictator also stressed that in 2014 Russia did not have hypersonic weapons and other modern systems. At the same time, he cynically once again lied that the occupiers “do not actually use” hypersonic weapons, which, we recall, include the Kinzhal missiles, which were launched more than once in the cities of Ukraine.

So, if all these components were at a sufficient level for Putin, he would not play peacemaker, and would immediately send his population to kill Ukrainians.

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