There were no statements, – Ignat about “his words” about the expectation of a batch of 24 fighters


There were no statements, – Ignat about "his words" 24 fighters

Speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat reacted to reports from foreign media that disseminated his statements about transfer of 24 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. Ignat denied the information and assured that he had not made any relevant statements.

The Spanish edition of El Pais published a statement by Ignat that Ukraine is allegedly asking for 24 aircraft from Western partners. On the air of the telethon, the Speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that he spoke Ukrainian when they translated into English for a Spanish journalist. As Ignat said, as a result of “translation difficulties”, El Pais published false information.

Ignat explained the message about 24 fighters

“Ukrainian journalists translated from Spanish and it turned out that I said that Ukraine wants to get 24 F-16s. There were no statements! Such things have a negative impact. The information is very sensitive. Partners do not like it when they wishful thinking,” – Ignat said.

He also stressed that the topic of aircraft has been on the agenda since the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia. The speaker recalled that Ukraine had long been asking NATO to close the skies or provide modern aircraft to our country. we really would like to get it, – said Ignat.

Back to news content of modern multi-purpose aircraft that can protect our country.

“It is clear that we will not be given a brigade or several. We are talking about supplying units,” Ignat said and added that Ukraine would receive aircraft, like other types of weapons, that is, in stages.

Therefore, at first we can talk about 2 squadrons. One squadron is 12 aircraft. We do not need 24 aircraft, but at least 5 full-fledged brigades. There are 3 squadrons in each brigade,” Ignat emphasized.

“This will be the number of aircraft that can really protect the airspace together with the air defense systems of such a large state as Ukraine,” he concluded.


Ukraine seeks fighter jets: what is known

  • After the West dared to transfer tanks to Ukraine, our country seeks to obtain aircraft and long-range missiles. This is a weapon that partners have so far refused to provide to our military.
  • Recently, on the pages of Politico, a message appeared that European countries are discussing the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine's allies are reportedly divided on this issue.
  • For example, the Netherlands have said they will consider supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. But German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out the possibility of delivering fighter jets to Ukraine.
  • Most importantly, the United States did not rule out the supply of F-16s to Ukraine. They said they were open to negotiations, although they were cautious.
  • The position of the United States will be of key importance, because the F-16 aircraft seeking to get Ukraine are made in America. Therefore, all permits, even for re-exports, will pass through Washington.

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