There were three attempts: the mayor of Irpin spoke about how the Russians tried to destroy it


There were three attempts: the mayor of Irpin spoke about how the Russians tried to destroy it

Irpin Mayor Alexander Markushin/Channel 24, Alina Turishin

From the first day of the war, the Russian authorities were looking for collaborators among the leaders of the occupied Ukrainian cities who would agree to cooperate. The mayor of Irpin, Alexander Markushin, received such a proposal. But he refused, which is why the invaders started hunting him.

Alexander Markushin could have died three times from the attack of Russian infidels. He spoke about this in an exclusive interview with the Channel 24 website.

“On the first day of the war, I received an offer to cooperate with the Russians. They promised that I would be unharmed, they promised money and cooperation. But I definitely refused and put it out publicly. I am a man of principle and there can be no cooperation with the enemy. And after that there was a task to destroy me,” said the mayor of Irpin, Alexander Markushin.

Execution of a car

The first attempt to kill Alexander Markushin was when infidels fired at his car. It was possible to survive then due to the fact that there was another escort car behind. They entered the battle with the invaders, repelling the attack of the enemy.

There were three attempts: the mayor of Irpin spoke about how the Russians tried to destroy it

Irpin Mayor Alexander Markushin/Photo – Channel 24, Alina Turishin

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Burned house

The second attempt was when the invaders burned down the parental home of Mayor Irpen. He stayed overnight in this house. But he wasn't there the night of the attack.

God must be protecting, because that day we went to a friend who had a wood-fired sauna. I had to shower in a week. We washed and I said: “Let's stay here, and tomorrow morning we'll come home and change clothes,” Markushin said.

When they arrived at their parents' house the next morning, it was already burning down. All that was left of it was the charred walls. Although the rest of the houses around were unharmed.

According to Alexander Markushin, experts and the military told him that a thermal rocket had hit the house. Therefore, the infidels were aiming fire at the building.

Shelling with Grads

The third attempt to kill Alexander Markushin took place when they tried to leave the city by car.

“We were tracked through mobile phones, walkie-talkies, call signs. When we were driving through one sector, it was covered with” Grads “. When they fired behind such volley fire systems, and we are driving, we need to leave as soon as possible. And I say something to the driver: “Stop! We'll run out into the trench now.” He stops, and I say: “No, let's move on,” the mayor of the city said.

It was this temporary stop that saved their lives. After all, when they moved, then in front of him , a hundred meters away, six shells from “Gradov” flew in. As a result of this attack, the car was damaged, but all the passengers survived.

Although one fragment hit the mayor of Irpen. It flew into his back. But not wounded Merkushin because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Interview with Alexander Markushin about how the occupation of Irpin took place, and why there is still a danger to its inhabitants, how much the city was destroyed by the Russian invaders and how much money is needed for it recovery, read the link.

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