There will be hundreds of tanks, – a military expert suggested who else will help Ukraine


There will be hundreds of tanks, - a military expert suggested who else will help Ukraine

Ukraine will accept a company of Leopard tanks from the Polish government to fight the enemy more effectively. In the near future, military assistance is also expected from a number of European states.

Yigal Levin, a military expert and officer of the Israel Defense Forces, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Ukraine is now in a difficult situation, so any weapon is good.

Why tanks from Poland are important

Yigal Levin noted that the transfer of equipment by Poland creates a trend that should spread to other countries. In this way, the Poles can speed up the Germans and Americans.

The Poles took the first bold step – they were not afraid to hand over the weapons of aggression. he stressed.

According to the military expert, the transfer of Leopard tanks is a kind of glass ceiling breakthrough, indicating a further optimistic course of events for Ukraine.

“Now that's it, no one can doubt whether this should be done,” he added.

According to Levin, a company of tanks for a certain section of the battlefield is a huge force.

“I do not envy the one who will be in the place where the Leopard 1A5 will be,” the military expert said.

He noted that the Leopard 1A5 is a modern tank compared to the T-74 tank, which, although good, is outdated.

Yigal Levin told how many tanks Ukraine will receive: watch the video

Whose tanks are next

Yigal Levin said that it is still not worth waiting for tanks for Ukraine from Hungary.

“In fact, the Greeks and Turks have a lot of Leopards, but they are unlikely to pass it on,” he stressed.

In his opinion, Spain has many tanks. In particular, the country has an active Leopard fleet in storage, consisting of more than one hundred vehicles.

Levin added that there is a high probability of receiving a batch of tanks from Finland, which borders on Russia and considers its neighbor's aggression as a serious threat.

Better this company of tanks will fight in Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, having received a company of tanks from Poland and at least two from Finland, a whole battalion of tanks would have been created in Ukraine.

“From the world one by one – and in Ukraine there will be tank brigades with modern tanks,” the military expert added.

However, the Ukrainian side is waiting for further assistance from Europe.

Ukraine's plans

Levin stressed that the Ukrainian General Staff is constantly working with the US General Staff and the Pentagon. He constantly makes requests for those funds that are necessary in order to complete military tasks and de-occupy territories. America is likely to take the lead.

“You shouldn’t think that now 50 Leopards will be scraped from the world and that will be the end of it. As a result, there will be hundreds of tanks,” the military expert summed up.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian military will successfully use the equipment already received, in particular, French AMX-10C armored vehicles, British Challenger tanks, to break through the front line.

Ukraine will receive tanks: what is known

  • During a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in Lviv, Andrzej Duda said that Kyiv would receive a “company of tanks” Leopard 2 from Warsaw as part of an international coalition.
  • Kyiv has been asking for this Western equipment for a long time, because it can significantly enhance the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fact is that the Leopards are head and shoulders above the tanks used by Russia.
  • The Ukrainian army will be able to prepare for the use of tanks within a few weeks. The process itself is no more difficult than preparing an ACS.

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