There will be no next Sabbath: a concert with Putin in honor of the annexation of Crimea was canceled at Luzhniki


There will be no next Sabbath: a concert with Putin in honor of the annexation of Crimea was canceled at Luzhniki

Obviously, against the backdrop of continuous “pop” and incomprehensible explosions, there will be no big concert at the Moscow stadium on March 18. On the occasion of the “annexation of the Crimea” in the “Luzhniki” was to gather another coven.

According to journalists, there will be no big concert at the capital's stadium. The organizers decided to cancel the crazy meeting of Russian students and pensioners.

What will replace the annual Sabbath

By the way, the final reason for the cancellation of the concert, where Vladimir Putin usually performs, was not reported.

The organization “Mega-Volunteer Moscow”, which organized the extras for the concert on February 22 at the Luzhniki stadium, announced the cancellation of the big concert “Crimean Spring”, scheduled for March 18.

For reasons beyond our control, on March 18, at the city level, the format for celebrating the Day of the Reunification of Crimea with Russia was changed. Now we are specifying what events and where will be organized in Moscow. To plan your day, please note that there will be no big concert, the organizers said.

Spot flash mobs, lectures, concerts, motor races, etc. will be held. The Luzhniki hotline also stated that the concert was not planned.

What is known about the last concert at Luzhniki: briefly

  • Thousands of people were brought to the Luzhniki stadium on February 22 to set up a crowd for the concert. Spectators fled immediately after the end of the Sabbat, and some ran away before the end.
  • Russian opposition media wrote that extras for the concert were recruited for 500 rubles, and students were promised exemption from couples. During the concert, they came up with the idea to cynically sing the Ukrainian rap “Plyve kacha” about Mariupol.
  • Putin himself also spoke, mumbling about the family, the “motherland” and its “defenders” and cynically quoting the prayer. Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak stressed that the gathering of tens of thousands of people at the stadium for a demonstrative celebration of the anniversary of the mass genocide of Ukrainians indicates a clear mental disorder.
  • In addition to paid guests, kidnapped children from Mariupol were also dragged there. So, the children were forced to thank one of the invaders, who was called “Uncle Yura”. Leading assured that he saved them. Although in fact Russia bombed Mariupol, killing thousands of its inhabitants, including children.

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