There will be no surprise effect, – Gaidai on how the occupiers are preparing for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Lugansk region


There will be no surprise effect, – Gaidai on how the invaders are preparing for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Luhansk area

Ukrainian defenders continue to liberate more and more settlements from the enemy every day. The successful counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region opened up a springboard for us to de-occupy the Lugansk region. However, it will take place without the effect of surprise.

Head of the Lugansk police department Serhiy Gaidai said this on the air of the telethon.

He noted that a large number of invaders who fled from Liman came to the Luhansk region. There they dug in and strengthened their position, but this will not help them.

I will not talk about the timing or plans, let the APU do their job, and we will not we will interfere. But in the near future we will see the result of the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Believe me, all the measures they have taken will not help the occupiers,” Gaidai stressed.

At the same time, Gaidai warned that now there would not be such a surprise effect as during the de-occupation of Kharkiv region.

“It will already be such a clear-cut counter-offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without a surprise factor,” he explained.

What is happening in the Luhansk region now

  • The Russians continue to suffer colossal losses in the war against Ukraine. Due to the large number of wounded, hospitals in Luhansk simply do not accept civilians, because all the places are occupied by the occupiers.
  • The situation is the same with morgues. They are mostly filled with troupes of infidels. Therefore, there are very few places for civilians.
  • The Russian FSB recruited “convicts” who were serving sentences on the territory of a quasi-republic in the Luhansk region. All of them were supposed to carry out hostile tasks against Ukraine.
  • Also, the enemy continues to resort to the practice of ethnic cleansing familiar to Russians. In the occupied part of the Lugansk region, the invaders are evicting Ukrainians from their homes in order to settle Russian officers there. Similar cases were recorded in the village of Rubizhne, Luhansk region. There, the Kadyrovites, who arrived to “strengthen” the infidel troops, began to evict Ukrainians from their homes.

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