There will be no undercover “Minsk-3” – Danilov about mediators between Ukraine and Russia


There will be no undercover

Proposals are heard from everywhere for mediation in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, which will take place when the aggressor leaves our territories. However, the National Security and Defense Council emphasizes that everything should be transparent.

It's not about intermediaries, but about responsibility. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov.

“Minsk-3” will not be

If someone wants to take on the function of an intermediary, then he must be responsible. This process should be understandable to society.

If someone thinks that it is possible to sign “Minsk-3” somewhere behind the scenes, as was done with incomprehensible people, with incomprehensible powers, with incomprehensible consequences at the time of signing, but with understandable already in the medium term, I think that such we will not have, – Danilov emphasized.

Intermediaries can be countries that have confidence.

Project “Synergy”

Danilov recalled that there is a project in the NSDC apparatus called synergy. It was developed for about 7 – 8 months. Danilov also stressed that he would like the time to come when the project will acquire the outline of a document. This is a synergy of countries that have common interests in protecting their national interests.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council emphasized that if you find common ground where there is a common interest, you will cooperate. If there is no common interest, it is not cooperation.

The official gave an example of the CSTO. The organization is falling apart because Moscow thought it was smarter than smart. According to Danilov, imperial vanity will soon bury them.

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