Therefore, it must be ended as soon as possible, Danilov warned of Putin's insidious plan


Therefore, it must be ended as soon as possible, Danilov warned of Putin's insidious plan

The imperial plans of the Russian dictator go much further than the territory of Ukraine. This time, Vladimir Putin's bloody plan is designed for many countries of the world.

Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said this in an interview. He noted that some of the processes caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be reflected in the entire world community.

What is Putin up to?

According to Danilov, Putin has a great desire to see such a phenomenon as famine appear in the next year, two, three.

And the fact that we will no longer be able to supply as much food as we previously supplied as a country that fed a huge number of the population in the world, Putin will use this. This is one of Putin's plans. That is why I say that it is necessary to end it as soon as possible,” the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council emphasized.

Danilov stressed that for Ukraine, issue number 1 is the life of our citizens, who are being destroyed by Putin. However, the issue of world hunger, which Putin is programming, is no less important. The world must put an end to it.

Forecasts are disappointing

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council explained that Ukraine has calculations that have already been presented to the President and the Cabinet of Ministers.

“And according to calculations, it turns out that when the world reaches a population of about 10 billion world citizens in 2040-2050, we mean that an additional 265 million proteins will be needed. The world does not know where to get them,” he added.

And the more territories there are where things like this are happening in our country today, the more challenges there will be.

It is important! Ukraine is one of the largest grain producing countries in the world. And in 2022, Russia not only made the land unsuitable for growing grain, but also blocked its export. She also stole Ukrainian grain herself.

It should be noted that the war of Russia against Ukraine really has an impact on the whole world. In particular, Putin tried to stop the export of Ukrainian grain in order to increase hunger in different countries. Russia also resorted to blocking the grain corridor only 3 months later, when grain exports from Ukraine, albeit in smaller volumes, became available again.

Let us add that recently the “grain agreement” was extended for another 4 months, that is, 120 days. This has already been confirmed by all parties.

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