Thermal laziness: how to maintain performance in the summer

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Thermal laziness: how to maintain performance in the summer

Thermal laziness: how to maintain performance in the summer

Thermal laziness is not fiction. Physiologists have calculated that each subsequent degree above 26 degrees Celsius impairs brain function by 10% and reduces work efficiency by half. The concentration of attention is also reduced by 10%, the portal notes.

According to research, the optimum temperature for intellectual activity is 22 degrees. But it is not always possible to maintain such a temperature in the office. Experts recommend reducing the working day by one hour if the air temperature is 28.5 degrees, by two hours if the room is 29 degrees and by four hours if the office is 30.5.

To be more effective in hot weather, switch to summer mode: schedule important tasks for the morning or afternoon when the temperature is lower. In addition, nutrition is of great importance on hot days: reduce the usual portions and maintain water balance.

Earlier, an expert from Rospotrebnadzor spoke about the impact of weather on the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, he recalled that in any weather, the main defenders against the virus are a decrease in social activity, a safe distance, wearing a mask and hand hygiene.

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