These days are very scary for the Kharkiv region: what are the consequences of the latest shelling of the region


These days are very scary for the Kharkiv region: what are the consequences of the latest shelling of the region

Occupiers continue to foul the Kharkiv region/Collage of Channel 24

Russian occupiers continue to mercilessly hit Kharkiv and the region. As a result of enemy shelling in recent days, many civilians have been killed and injured.

This was reported to Channel 24 by a correspondent from Kharkov. She noted that over the past 3 days, Chuguev had suffered a lot from the Russian invaders.

The Russians intensified shelling

According to her, the Russian invaders have significantly increased their shelling. If earlier they beat mostly at night, now they beat the private sector all day long. As a result of shelling, there are 7 wounded. According to the volunteers, there are 2 children among them – 6 and 9 years old, – the journalist said.

She also noted that after yesterday's and the day before yesterday's shelling (June 22-23) of Chuguev, there were even more victims. Rescuers found the bodies of 2 women who worked there under the rubble of the central boiler room.

Gat on civilian objects

These days are very scary for Kharkiv region. There have never been so many casualties as a result of the shelling of the region during the entire period of the full-scale invasion of Russia, – the correspondent noted.

She stressed that now Chuguev residents are asked to be extremely careful, since the shelling of Russian monsters is chaotic. They hit the center, the bus station, the private sector and residential buildings.

“There is no logic in Russian shelling. Only civilian objects suffer,” she stressed.

As the journalist noted, now life has changed in Chuguev. That is, until recently, the locals were already returning to the town, but now they have limited traffic there, the work of social and government institutions, and closed shops.

Other terrible shelling of the region

The journalist said that yesterday, June 22, infidels also fired at the industrial zones of Kharkov – they flew into the Industrial and Nemyshlyansky districts of the city. At the same time, she stressed that there is not a single important facility there, only private warehouses.

Today, June 23, it also became known about 3 new victims of yesterday's enemy shelling of Zolochev, where an apartment building was smashed. According to the journalist, the bodies were dug out among the rubble.

In addition, yesterday, June 22, Russian monsters shelled the village of Prishib in the Izyum region. There are 5 victims – all civilian women sitting on a bench near the courtyard.

“Over the past few days in the Kharkiv region, as a result of the shelling of the invaders, there have been a lot of civilian casualties,” the journalist summed up.

The journalist spoke about the merciless enemy shelling of the Kharkiv region: watch the video

Situation in Kharkiv region: latest news

  • The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleg Sinegubov, said that during June 22, the Russians continued to shell residential districts of Kharkov and settlements of the region. He noted that as a result of this, many were killed and wounded.
  • In addition, Sinegubov said that Russian infidels are actively fighting on the line of confrontation. According to him, the invaders are trying to hold back the advance of our military in the Kharkiv direction.
  • On the evening of June 22, air raid sirens began to sound in many regions of Ukraine due to the threat of Russian shelling. In the Kharkiv region, already in the first minutes of the alarm, local residents reported explosions.

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