These people have no brakes – Belarusian oppositionist suggested whether Putin will attack Lithuania


These people have no brakes, – a Belarusian opposition figure suggested whether Putin will attack Lithuania

Will Putin attack Lithuania/Channel 24 Collage

The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia threatens the population of Lithuania because of the ban on the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region. There are all possibilities for Russia to respond harshly to the country, in particular, from the territory of Belarus.

Belarusian opposition politician Yury Gubarevich said this. He expressed his opinion on 24 channels.

In particular, according to him, there is an opportunity to mobilize Belarusian troops in the north-western direction in the Grodno region.

Also, as we see, the Russian military feel quite calm on the territory of Belarus. Even without coordinating their movements and deployment with the military leadership of Belarus.

Therefore, this issue can be discussed. The threat does indeed persist. She is high enough. On the example of recent events, these people (Russians – Channel 24) do not have any restrictions or brakes, – Gubarevich believes.

Therefore, as he stressed, Poland and Lithuania should beware of such a threat.

“Strike across Europe”: what other experts say

Publicist Andrei Piontkovsky is sure that Russia's threats to Lithuania are no more than the “show-offs” of the St. Petersburg court. He told Channel 24 about this and added that the implementation of these threats is zero.

Yulia Osmolovskaya, head of the board of the Center for Transatlantic Dialogue, noted that the Kremlin wants to increase its stakes, not supported by Russia's real ability to work on several fronts simultaneously. So one can only talk about “bluffs and slogans of desperation” of the aggressor country.

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are trying to join the EU These countries want to join Europe, not Russia. Therefore, Putin can strike at European countries. Political analyst Nikolai Davydyuk told Channel 24 about this.

Why Russia is panicking

  • The Kremlin is outraged that Lithuania has restricted the transit of Russian goods through its territory. The odious representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that Russia's response to Lithuania's actions would not be diplomatic.
  • And in Estonia, a Russian helicopter crossed their airspace for several minutes. This happened for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine.
  • Due to Lithuania's refusal to transit, the Russians even decided to start military exercises with imitation missile strikes in the Kaliningrad region, that is, immediately near the border with Lithuania.
  • < li> And on June 22, Russia threatened Lithuania with disconnection from the power supply system. In Lithuania, the Russians' threats are neither surprised nor frightened. However, President Gitanas Nauseda noted on June 23 that Vilnius is ready for Lithuania to be disconnected from the regional power grid.

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