They are afraid of street fighting, – Maliar explained the tactics of Russia


They are afraid of street fights, – Painter explained Russia's tactics

Russians are afraid to engage in open battle/Collage 24 channel

The Russians do not stop the insane attack on the Donbass. They use no other tactics than total destruction.

Insane firepower is the only factor that allows the Russian occupiers to achieve marginal success in the war with Ukraine. The enemy simply concentrates a large amount of his artillery in a certain direction and simply levels everything in front of him with the ground.

Why the occupiers chose this tactic

According to Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar, such tactics of warfare are far from new for Russians. She spoke about this in an interview with Channel 24.

The Russian occupiers used a similar method of advancement in Syria. The reasons are the elementary fear of a direct battle.

The Russians are very afraid of a direct collision, they are very afraid of street battles. They just lose to us. Therefore, their way is to move with the help of shelling and total destruction, – Malyar said.

It should also be understood that the insane flogging that the Russians received in the North made them understand. that in direct contact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a very quick defeat awaits them.

As for the destruction of cities and infrastructure, it is already obvious that the enemy does not make any plans for their further use and is only interested in seizing territories.

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