They are already shooting anywhere, – “cyborg” Kostenko about the hysteria of Russians before May 9


They are already shooting anywhere, – "cyborg" Kostenko about the hysteria of Russians before May 9

“Cyborg” Kostenko spoke about the hysteria of Russians before May 9/Dialog.UA

There is less and less time until May 9, and this date, in fact, was Putin's deadline for celebrating any “victory” in Russia's war against Ukraine. The hysteria of the Russians is already beginning to manifest itself.

Roman Kostenko, a military man and defender of the Donetsk airport, spoke about this on the air of Channel 24. According to him, it is already noticeable how kafirs attack at random.

We will have our own day of victory, – Ukrainian defender

“Cyborg” is sure that the hysteria of the Russians has already begun and they really need at least some kind of victory. They are doing everything to make it before May 9th, so irrational attacks are noticeable.

Being on the first line, they already shoot where they hit. We see how no pity is spared for artillery. Everything around them is shooting,” Kostenko noted.

He added that the continuation of the hysteria is the fact that the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has arrived in Ukraine and will personally lead the Russian offensive near Izyum, because they are already doing anything to have a result before May 9th.

“I'm sure that when they started the war on February 24th, then calculated that on May 8 they would sign an act of surrender , and on May 9 they would probably make a victory parade,” the Ukrainian fighter emphasized.

Note! Russians overturn part of the equipment for the parade in Moscow , which should be involved in hostilities against Ukraine. The enemy wants to create a picture of their power.

The military also noted that he has no doubt that Ukraine will stand. “We don't care when our day of victory will be. We will do it when we win,” the cyborg summed up.

The military about the beginning of the hysteria of the Russians after May 9: watch the video of channel 24

The plans of the Russians for May 9: what is known

    < li> The Russians hope in their fantasies to establish control over the South of Ukraine before May 9th. Aleksey Arestovich believes that the political leadership sets a task that the military is simply not able to perform physically.
  • Bellingcat investigative journalist Hristo Grozev also announced the plans of the Russians in the southern part of Ukraine. According to his forecasts, the terrorist state needs any victory, because there is already panic.
  • Due to the fact that until May 9, the so-called “victory day”, there is less and less time left in the temporarily occupied territories cases of Russia massively kidnapping men of military age have become more frequent.
  • The leadership of our country, in particular the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, in one of his latest statements said that if Western assistance continues, then there will be mourning in Moscow, and not parade on May 9.

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