“They are beginning to understand that Putin may not stop”: Klimkin told why the United States and France convened a meeting

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The United States and France convened a meeting with the heads of a number of states because of Putin's new offensive against the Donbass.

Does this mean that the West has understood the danger of expanding the Kremlin's aggression against NATO countries, the Foreign Minister explained Ukraine in 2014-2019 Pavel Klimkin in an interview with OBOZREVATEL.

“They are starting to wake up and understand that Putin may not stop, and this is absolutely real. They understand that this could be a direct conflict between NATO and Russia “, – said Klimkin.

He added that the West evaluates as a real use of weapons of mass destruction – either nuclear or chemical.

“They are very serious about this to whom belong. I see this even in internal discussions. And they are considering options,” he said.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance will strengthen its chemical, biological and nuclear defense systems due to fears that Russia plans to use such weapons against the people of Ukraine .

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