They are divided into 6 groups and begin careful testing of the charts: how the light is returned to the Odessa region


They divide into 6 groups and begin careful testing of charts: how the light is returned to the Odessa region< /p>

Power engineers are repairing power equipment in Odessa region. In recent days, there has been a difficult situation in the energy system of the region.

This was announced on February 9 at DTEK. New shutdown schedules are being tested in the Odessa region.

“Ukrenergo's power engineers, with the help of DTEK specialists, managed to repair part of the power equipment in the Odessa region, which makes it possible to start testing new stabilization shutdown schedules,” DTEK wrote.

Please be patient

DTEK reported that the region's consumers are divided into 6 groups.

Unfortunately, the situation in the region is still difficult, so please be patient and understanding possible interruptions in the schedules, DTEK addressed the residents.

Noted that the outage schedule can be found on the website of the Odessa Electric Grids at the link.

Note! If the schedule provides for electricity, but there is no light, then you should write on the link or contact the call center.

What happened to the power system of the Odessa region

  • On the night of February 9, more than 100 power failures occurred in the region. Power engineers immediately began repairs.
  • Earlier, on February 3 and 4, 2 large-scale accidents occurred at substations in the region. Half a million people did not have electricity.
  • The head of Ukrenergo, Volodymyr Kudrytsky, announced that the facility, which will allow returning to normal schedules, will soon be repaired and the region will return to normal schedules from February 10.

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