They are not prisoners of war: Vereshchuk explained why the kidnapped people cannot be exchanged


They are not prisoners of war: Vereshchuk explained why kidnapped people cannot be exchanged

Irina Vereshchuk

The Russians continue to terrorize the local population. War criminals are forcibly transporting people to Russia and kidnapping civilians.

Occupiers are kidnapping people in different regions and cities. Among them are activists, journalists, officials, volunteers, including, Channel 24 reports.

Minister for the Reintegration of the Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk said that they had already grouped the data on the abducted people, entered it into the register and turned to the Red Cross with the requirement to give status to such people. After all, they are not considered prisoners of war.

This is the capture and illegal detention of civilians. Today the question is being considered that Russia should give them away without any exchanges. After all, we cannot exchange parity, because we do not capture their civilians, she explained.

In addition to abductions, the occupiers take people to Russia

Vereshchuk said that now the number of abducted people reaches a figure 40 thousand. Among them are thousands of children. If possible, she encourages Ukrainians to try to get in touch and pass on information about themselves and contact details.

So we will be able to carry out urgent requests through the UN and other international structures in order to return these people,” Vereshchuk added.

Recall that Ukraine is extremely negative responded to the readiness of the Red Cross to organize representative offices in Rostov to help refugees from Ukraine. After all, first of all, these are not refugees, but forcibly evacuated people who were taken out by force or by deceit.

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