They are now shocked because of Ukraine – Podolyak responded to Gerasimov’s whining about the war


They are now shocked because of Ukraine, – Podolyak responded to Gerasimov's whining about the war

There are complaints in Russia about the war against Ukraine. So, the head of the occupying forces and the General Staff of the aggressor country, Valery Gerasimov, said that they did not expect such a scale of the war and the intensity of hostilities.

So, this is not even an underestimation, the Russians did not know anything about Ukraine. About thisChannel 24Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration, said.

Russia failed to frighten Ukraine and now they are in shock

The invaders did not need to enter the territory of our states, because onlyUkrainians can “break the spine” of Russian chauvinism.Now the Russians are in a state of passion, because their attempts and tools to “scare us and bring us to our knees” did not work.

The Russians are now in shock because Ukraine says no. President Zelensky has said this more than once: “No, now to the end.” Now we will get each of them for what they did, – said the adviser to the head of the OP.

According to him, Gerasimov will have the opportunity to talk about the hybrid war that he committed in other countries: political assassinations, financing of terrorism, interference in political processes, etc. There he will tell why the Russians were planning to start a genocidal war and destroy the Ukrainians.

Podolyak reacted to Gerasimov's whining about the war: watch the video

The world used to turn a blind eye to Russia's behavior, but today it won't be like that

Russia likes to claim that our state is a danger to it. At the same time, it is Ukraine today that has the right to officially say that an aggressive country is located nearby, which must partially get rid of its arsenal, as well as nuclear weapons, because it is constantly blackmailing the world.

The aggressor country does not comply international law and interstate treaties.This is an uncivilized state that does not know how to behave in a civilized world.

Earlier, Russians could come, violating international law, do something, and it “passed” for the whole world. However, if they lost something, they remembered international law and everyone obeyed.

“Today it no longer works. Today, few people get around what Russia says there. This is an echo that Russia itself has not yet understood. It makes no sense to listen to what Russia says or refers to, because it is an organized criminal group,” Podolyak stressed.

Russians know that they will lose and are scared

Russians do not comply with global legislation and must be held accountable for this. They subconsciously understand 3 things:

  • fully understand that they will definitely lose;
  • understand that there will be a responsibility that has never been in relation to Russia;
  • Ukraine will keep this under very picky attention.

Ukraine will see it through to the end in any case and from the point of view of the war, and from the point of view of post-war legal processions. All this will happen and the Russians subconsciously understand and they are scared. Hence these wild statements that we do not shoot, they attacked us.

They behave strangely. Mentally healthy people don't say that, they say, it was Russia that was attacked, they, of course, tried to capture Kyiv, but it was Kyiv that attacked them. That's why it makes no sense to talk or listen to these people, – said the adviser to the head of the OP,

Ukraine is destroying the possibilities of Russians in the Donetsk direction

In CNN wrote that our partners are advised to stop fighting for Bakhmut and focus on the offensive in the South. However, according to Podolyak, this is a large-scale and intense war, and there is no fixation on any particular settlement.

In addition, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief are considering all scenarios, risks and opportunities. Therefore, Ukraine proceeds from the need to solve certain problems.

“If we are talking about the Donetsk direction – Bakhmut, Soledar, Avdiivka – today there is a significant destruction of the capabilities of the Russian army. Russia is in an extremely disadvantageous position there – it loses all its combat effectiveness and resourcefulness,” the adviser to the head of the OP noted.

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