They are really afraid, – Andryushchenko explained why the Russian elite does not live in Mariupol


They are really afraid, – Andryushchenko explained why the Russian elite does not live in Mariupol

The occupation administration of Mariupol fears Ukrainian long-range artillery strikes. For this reason, they either live in the suburbs or fly by helicopter to Yeysk.

Fearing the underground, the occupiers are heavily guarding key individuals, and also keep them separate from Mariupol residents. Channel 24 told Mariupol Mayor's adviser Petr Andryushchenko.

Mariupol in ruins

Andryushchenko noted that – due to the actions of the Russian army, the city is unsuitable for normal life.

There are no normal conditions in Mariupol, and they are just really afraid. Now long-range strikes are being delivered by our artillery and they are most afraid of this. Usually they even fly to Donetsk, while they themselves live in Yeysk – across the sea, accompanied by military aircraft in the morning and evening. – explained the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

According to Andryushchenko, even the leadership of the Mariupol collaborators does not live in the city.

“They live outside the city – in the resort area. They haven't lived in Mariupol for a single day since the beginning of the occupation. They don't live in the city, they feed them separately, they have tight control over what they eat. They keep separate from the people of Mariupol. At least, top management”. “, – added the interlocutor.

Pushilin has the wrong status

At the same time, Andryushchenko noted that Denis Pushilin, one of the leaders of the quasi-republics, stops in Mariupol in places with increased security and flies by helicopter only with Russians.

Apparently he is not in the right position. He is probably not such an important person to protect him, – he believes.

The adviser also points out that the so-called “ministers”, representatives of the office of the President of Russia and other Russian officials most often travel by helicopter.

What's going on in Mariupol: recent events

  • In Mariupol, there was an attempt on the life of Gauleiter Konstantin Ivashchenko. The invaders were warned that this was only the beginning.
  • Vadim Boychenko, the mayor of Mariupol, said that the partisans did not allow the Russian invaders to take the looted property out of the city. The Mariupol resistance set fire to the composition of the invaders, on which they collected everything that was stolen from the apartments of local residents.

  • In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, pensioners cannot receive Ukrainian pensions, since Ukrposhta is no longer there works. The City Council of the city said that in fact there are two figures: the first is the amount promised by the occupiers, the second is reality.

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