“They believed, but they were executed”: relatives of the defenders of Azovstal held a rally because of the terrorist attack in Yelenovka


An event was held in Kyiv to support fighters from Azovstal/Channel 24, Alina Turishin They also criticized the actions of the Red Cross, which guaranteed the safety of the Ukrainian prisoners of war who were in Yelenovka.


On July 30, an action was held in Kyiv in support of the captured defenders of Azovstal. Also during the event, they remembered and strongly condemned the tragedy that happened the day before – a Russian strike on the colony in Yelenovka, where Ukrainian fighters could be.

they will be exchanged”

“Russia is a country inhabited by cretins, rapists, murderers, marauders”

Several dozen people gathered on Sophia Square in Kyiv. Among them were relatives of prisoners of war defenders of Mariupol. Activists called the terrorist attack in Yelenovka a shameful execution.

“The Russians have always done this to those they could not defeat. They do this all the time – vilely, treacherously, from behind. They don't know what honor is, they don't know what valor is. Everything they are capable of “, – to torture and kill prisoners, to torture and kill people who are not able to fight back now,” they stressed.

The relatives of the defenders of Mariupol also called on the United States, the European Union, and other countries of the world to recognize Russia as a country -terrorist.

Russia is a country populated by cretins, rapists, murderers, marauders. You can't negotiate with them. No negotiations with the Russians are worth anything. What they did yesterday is incomprehensible. Every defender of Mariupol who fights at the front will seek and kill everyone involved in this crime,” the relatives of the defenders of Azovstal noted.

The relatives of Mariupol defenders called world to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism/photo by Alina Turishin for Channel 24

8 years ago from Sofia Square to the East the future defenders of Mariupol left

Ekaterina, the wife of the commander of one of the Mariupol regiments Denis Prokopenko, Ekaterina recalled that 8 years ago, it was on Sofiyskaya Square, where the event took place today, that the first group gathered, which went to the east to defend our state.

Their brethren were cynically murdered yesterday. Imagine night. Unarmed, defenseless people sleep. The enemy insidiously and secretly kills them without trial or investigation. We are fighting barbarians who do not know what freedom, honor, humanity are. The defenders of Azovstal saved the country. Each of us must intercede for them,” she said.

Diana came to the action together with her mother: the girl is 4 years old, her father was at Azovstal/Photo 24 channel, Alina Turishin

The world must protect the defenders of “Azovstal”

Ekaterina Prokopenko added that the families were guaranteed the safety of their relatives. However, instead they were “executed under the cover of night.” She called on the world to protect the defenders of Azovstal, to give Ukrainians the right to protection and to give weapons to protect.

Having laid down their weapons, the guys hoped that they would be exchanged. The guys believed in the agreements, believed that Russia would have at least a drop of the honor of a Russian officer, which they constantly shout about in their propaganda channels. They believed that they would be taken seriously. Torture, atrocities and murders. How much longer can we endure all this, how much can we believe? – she stressed.

Action in support of the defenders of Mariupol in Kyiv/Photo 24 channel, Alina Turishin

Prokopenko noted that “the values ​​of democracy are shamefully violated every day and there is no justice for the Russian side. This entire status quo and the entire democratic paradigm is simply collapsing before our eyes.”

We urge and ask the United States to recognize Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. We are here to scream about all this shamefulness, about this genocide of the Ukrainian military. We have endured all this time. This is a total violation of all norms, rules of all functions of the Geneva Convention. We call on the entire democratic world to join in recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. Support us, support real warriors, the heroes of Azovstal,” she said.

According to Prokopenko, no representatives of organizations that were trusted, that they hoped that they would do something, that they would protect, that they would follow all international norms and rules for the treatment of prisoners of war, did this.

Ekaterina Prokopenko/Photo of Channel 24, Alina Turyshyn

I am disappointed by the “impotence” of this world, which can do nothing with the Nazi state, the Russian state, for which the values ​​of human life are worth nothing at all. Which just every day confirms its fascist ambitions, killing Ukrainians, killing our prisoners of war, – the woman emphasized.

"They believed and they were executed

Relatives called on the world to save the defenders of Azovstal/Photo 24 channel, Alina Turishin

“They withstood all this, they survived it”

The relatives of the fighters added that they did everything possible and impossible in Mariupol, having endured 86 days.

“They withstood all this, they survived this. They went from one hell to another hell. If we remain silent, we will never see our guys again,” they said.

We add that the patronage service of the defenders of Mariupol reported that the occupiers posted lists of some of the dead and wounded after the crime in Yelenovka. The patronage service warns that it does not guarantee that it is accurate.

And the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmitry Lubinets, said that Ukraine has not yet received the lists of the dead prisoners of war in Yelenovka.

IMPORTANT SBU interception about Yelenovka: watch the video

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