“They call minced meat to war”: the concert with Putin in Luzhniki did not please the zombified Russians


"They call minced meat for war": concert with Putin in Luzhniki was not liked by the zombified Russians

A large-scale concert was held at Luzhniki to show the support of Russian society for the war against Ukraine. However, even the Russians did not like this circus.

Most Russians do not even understand what is happening.Channel 24will tell in more detail about people's reaction to the circus at Luzhniki.

Russians react to the concert at Luzhniki

Some Russians started joking on social networks that, thanks to a large-scale concert, Vladimir Putin calls to go to war in Ukraine, or rather, he collects “minced meat” for the front.

In addition, the Russians were angry that while Putin with his caudle was performing at Luzhniki, then the Russian Ministry of Defense does nothing and left the Wagner PMC mercenaries without anything.

  • “I don't understand why we are celebrating something?”
  • “They don't know how to call minced meat for war”
  • “Mariupol is being bombed with new long-range missiles, and they have concerts and holidays”
  • “They caught up with mediocrity”
  • “Why don't the media cover the lack of shells among the Wagnerites, what's going on?”
  • “Damn, so many people put, sit you ** are human lives. They keep people for cattle “

The Russians reacted to the “sabbath” in Luzhniki/Screenshots

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">Putin at Luzhniki: what the dictator was talking about

  • Vladimir Putin muttered about his family, his “motherland” and its “defenders” and cynically quoted a prayer . Meanwhile, the extras in the hall were frankly bored, and the extras on the stage stood with sad expressions in anticipation of “packaging”.
  • Putin also said that the occupiers allegedly show “courage” and “heroism”.
  • < li> After that, Putin squealed “Hurrah” and congratulated all Russians on the “Defender of the Fatherland Day”. That is – with the day of “packaging”.

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