They can kill Putin – ex-KGB officer about the meeting of the dictator with the oligarchs


They can kill Putin - ex-KGB officer about the meeting of the dictator with the oligarchs

For the first time since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will meet with the oligarchs. The dictator can ask them for money and support for the war in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by Channel 24 ex-KGB officer and Russian foreign intelligence service Sergei Zhirnov. According to him, this meeting is a test of Russian oligarchs' loyalty to Putin.

“If there are people who will ever kill Putin, it will be those 117 billionaires who have been losing all their money since last year. They spent 20 to 30 years stealing many billions for themselves. Now they are losing money every day,” he noticed.

In addition, Zhirnov stressed that the sanctions are working. The oligarchs cannot go to those countries where they are accustomed to relax and spend money.

Putin may ask for money

According to Sergei Zhirnov, Putin may ask Russian billionaires for money. After all, Russia no longer has enough money and it will only get worse. According to the ex-KGB officer, the national fund will last another 6 months .

The oligarchs have wealth of more than $600 billion. They have something to “pinch”. Possibly, Putin will say: “Everyone throw yourself a billion.” Then 117 billion will be added, and this is about 2 annual budgets for the Russian Ministry of Defense,” he said.

Zhirnov noted that Russian billionaires are extremely unhappy with Putin. Therefore, the dictator wants to test their commitment to his regime .

The ex-KGB officer recalled the story of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, whom Putin imprisoned in 2005 and pardoned in 2013. The dictator did this to show others what will happen to all those who disagree.

“Putin loves to publicly mock important people. There will probably be a filming. Perhaps he will ask each of them to say that they all support the war, that they are ready to give money, that they love him,” Zhirnov added.

Zhirnov on Putin's meeting with the oligarchs: watch the video

What is known about Putin's meeting with the oligarchs

  • Bloomberg writes that the meeting is scheduled for March 16, leading members of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) were invited to it. This will be the first meeting since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  • In his address, the Russian dictator intends to focus on the resumption of “economic growth” of the country. It is worth noting that the meeting comes at a time when the government is trying to cover the ever-increasing costs of the war and increase pressure on companies to pay more taxes.
  • The oligarchs plan to express dissatisfaction with the Kremlin's growing pressure on business and push for some steps. In addition, the Russian elite wants the abolition of criminal proceedings for certain economic crimes. Among them is money laundering.
  • It is known that last year a meeting with the oligarchs was canceled amid hostilities. In addition, at this time, the oligarchs were afraid of falling under sanctions after meeting with Putin. However, at present, most of the members of the RSPP have already fallen under them.

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