They can't get in touch with Putin's “cook” Prigozhin after the “clap” in Popasna, – media


They cannot get in touch with Putin's

They cannot get in touch with Putin's “cook” Prigogine/Russian media

AFU probably hit the Wagnerites in the occupied Popasna. After that, the connection with Putin's “cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin allegedly disappeared.


Earlier, Russian media wrote that a businessman and close to Putin's entourage, Prigozhin, personally recruits mercenaries for the Wagner terrorist group. They even consider him the owner.

Prigozhin was at the base the day before

Propaganda “military correspondents” report that contact with Prigozhin has been lost since the arrival at headquarters Wagnerians.

Activist Sergei Sternenko also noted that the Russian could have died at the base. He released a photo of him from there, taken before August 9th. However, the information about death or injury has not yet been confirmed.

I doubt that he would have been sitting there for several days. But we will know for sure soon,” Sternenko added.


Prigozhin at the base of the Wagnerites/Photo from Sergey Sternenko's telegram

What is known about the attack on the base

in the occupied Popasna, again, someone unsuccessfully “lit a cigarette.” Russian media write about the impact of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the meantime, wounded and killed criminals are being taken out from under the rubble.

The location of the base has been declassified by another Russian military commander. He posted the photo on his telegram channel, saying that the occupiers welcomed him like a native.

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