They cut off the child's arms and legs: in Britain, doctors were fined more than 40 million euros

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The arms and legs of a child were cut off: in Britain, doctors were fined more than 40 million euros

The child was taken to the hospital twice.

British doctors will have to pay 39 million pounds (more than 44 million euros) in compensation for a mistake in which the child lost all four limbs.

This is reported by the Mirror.


According to the publication, the child was brought to a medical facility in Surrey with signs of meningitis and sepsis. Doctors gave her paracetamol and sent her home. However, a few hours later, the child was again taken to the emergency department with a diagnosis of meningococcal sepsis.

It is reported that the girl developed multiple organ failure. Doctors had to amputate both her legs above the knee and both arms above the elbow.

The family of the victim decided to sue the hospital, believing that timely antibiotic therapy would have helped to avoid amputation of the limbs.

The medical institution admitted the mistake, and a court in London upheld the side of the family. As a result, the child will be paid 39 million pounds in compensation.

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