They did everything “gracefully”: the occupier thanked the Ukrainian defenders for capturing


We did everything "gracefully": the invader thanked the Ukrainian defenders for capturing< /p>

Ukrainian soldiers continue to perform successful tactical actions in the Bakhmut direction. So, as a result of one of the operations, they captured a Russian soldier.

Without thinking, the invader thanked the Ukrainians for the “sincere” capture. Our soldiers advancing near Bakhmut, of course, laughed at this.

Ukrainian soldiers captured a Russian near Bakhmut

Soldiers of the 3rd Assault Brigade on May 18 carried out offensive operations in the western environs of Bakhmut, creating a springboard for a further counteroffensive. According to them, after the assault, at least 50 Russians “reduced two hundred” and about 100 more became “three hundred”.

In addition, our soldiers captured 4 Russians. One of them decided to thank them for the “beautiful capture”.

The Ukrainians gracefully captured the Russian: watch the video

All successful assault actions were carried out by soldiers of the 1st assault and 1st mechanized battalions, which are part of the brigade.

In conclusion, the soldiers said that in the Bakhmut direction they liquidated enemy reserves, including several Russian ammunition depots.


The Armed Forces are advancing in the vicinity of Bakhmut.

  • Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar noted on May 18 that the Armed Forces control the southwestern part of Bakhmut. According to her, the Defense Forces advanced from 500 to 1000 meters in some areas.
  • On the same day, Serhiy Cherevaty, a representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Ukrainian forces were advancing on the flanks near Bakhmut. In particular, on May 17, they advanced to a distance of 150 to 1,700 meters.
  • Also, Roman Konon, lieutenant of the Svoboda battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, said that the Wagnerites, who are constantly storming the fortress, have big problems. He noted that now they were all raked together and thrown into the final battle.

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