“They didn’t expect much”: host Solyar spread Lavrov’s whining about Ukraine – powerful video


"They didn't expect smart": Solyar presenter smashed Lavrov's whining about Ukraine – powerful video

Putin's henchman and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov came to Iraq and started whining again about how Russians do not live well in the world. He also stated that the West “did not want” to fulfill the Minsk agreements.

Lavrov's cynical nonsense on the airChannel 24 was smashed by host Ekaterina Solyar. She replied that no one wanted to fulfill the Minsk agreements, not even Russia.

She said that the Kremlin apostate again stated, allegedly “the West has been preparing Ukraine for yearsto a hybrid war against Russia.”

“He says that all countries except Vladimir Putin publicly announced the failure of the Minsk agreements. That is, it’s not that he didn’t do everything to prevent the Minsk agreements from working. It's just that Putin didn't admit it, so he's “well done,” Solyar said.

The Channel 24 host reacted to the statement that “the West has been pumping us with weapons for years.” “What years? I have a feeling that Russia attacked Ukraine andnow in the war going through a year for 3. It's been 12 months since they announced their “SVO” and it seems that they are already counting every month for a year at least,” she said.

In addition, Lavrov said in Iraq that precisely in order to “destroy Russia”, Ukraine started a war on its territory.

This is what it looks like in his words. Well, where else to destroy Russia? Moreover, we had so many weapons, why not attack Russia. And so far they have made a “rehearsal” on the territory of Ukraine, – Solyar says sarcastically. Like, we are destroying the Russian-speaking population and their culture. And what is Russian culture doing on the territory of Ukraine? And how do we destroy the Russian language if we speak it periodically on the channels?

“Did we expect the “talking horse” to say something reasonable? Of course not, it’s impossible and unrealistic. Just another stupidity from Lavrov showed you,” added Solar. p>

Recall that Sergey Lavrov used to travel to Africa. The National Institute for Strategic Studies believes that African countries are the only states that cannot yet help Russia with weapons.

At the same time, political scientist Nikolai Davidyuk noted that the visits of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to African countries they practically do not carry any content and benefit.

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