They didn’t see the wreckage in their eyes, but they complain about the rocket: there is panic in Russia because of the “UFO” over the Rostov region


" UFO" over the Rostov region” />

Late in the evening of May 25, something unknown allegedly attacked a military airfield in Rostovskaya areas. The next morning, the invaders were already boasting that they seemed to have shot down a rocket.

The attack by an unknown object took place near the Morozov airfield. The footage taken the day before by eyewitnesses showed something very beautiful and spectacular, Channel 24 reports.

So, according to the Russian media, a military airfield in the Rostov region allegedly tried to attack a missile. They say that she flew at an altitude of 17 kilometers with a speed of 5 thousand kilometers per hour.And they managed to shoot it down – as the occupiers convince – it was possible 4 kilometers from the airfield.

It is interesting that the occupiers are so sure that the missile was shot down that still cannot find its fragments. By this special services are involved, but something they do not really succeed. As for the victims, they are absent.

Note that the alleged shooting down of the rocket was confirmed by the governor of the Rostov region. According to Vasily Golubev, this was done in the sky of the region.

An air defense system went off in the Morozovsk area, shooting down a Ukrainian missile. The military is doing their job, he boasted.

The Russians have traditionally played out a fantasy. After all, the speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour is characteristic of ballistic missiles. In the arsenal of Ukraine there are simply no such type of projectiles that could still cover a distance of more than 300 kilometers. So much to the line of demarcation.

At the same time, the occupiers prepared at least a little. They were not accused of using the Storm Shadow provided to us by Great Britain, because their speed is 1000 kilometers per hour. /strong> Sorry for the tautology. By the way, it was loud in the morning in Krasnodar.

Invaders complain about drone attacks

At about 04:00, a powerful explosion thundered in the center of Krasnodar. By a strange coincidence, it was at that time that the Russians attacked Ukraine with drones and missiles.

Residents complained aboutat least two “claps”.The propagandists noticed that it was restless on the streets of Festivalnaya and Nautical. Almost immediately, their residents began to distribute videos and photos from the explosion site via a network.

It is clear that the occupiers immediately began to praise the “successful work of air defense.” True, on the video you can see that after the explosion, a cloud of black smoke rose into the sky, which is typical for the arrival. Krasnodar residents themselves say that “UAV fragments” allegedly fell on the MTS building in the city center.

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