They die under shelling and cry for their parents: how children survive the war in Ukraine

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They die under shelling and cry for their parents: how children survive the war in Ukraine

In thirteen days of a full-scale war in Ukraine, Putin's aggressors killed 50 Ukrainian children.

Today, this figure, speaking to the deputies of the British Parliament, was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian regular troops in a completely criminal way from the first hours of the war in Ukraine fired at kindergartens and schools. Subsequently, dozens of hospitals with small patients were shelled.

All over Ukraine, children have to hide in shelters and part with their parents, who, with weapons in their hands, defend Ukraine from the enemy.

Social networks were filled with touching photos and videos of how children actually survive the war, losing not only decent conditions for education, but also often normal food, clean water and rest.

First Lady Yelena Zelenskaya said children from the well-known Okhmatdet hospital are suffering as a result of Putin's war criminals.

Now, patients at the National Children's Specialized Hospital, which deals with the most severe cases from across the country, are forced to continue treatment in bomb shelters.

The morning of March 8 turned out to be tragic in the city of Mariupol. There, rescuers pulled out a dead six-year-old girl from under the rubble. The official cause of death for the child is dehydration.

According to the preliminary conclusions of experts, in the last minutes of her life, little Tanya was alone, exhausted, frightened, experiencing terrible thirst.

As the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko stated, after entering the city, the Russian aggressors cynically deprived half a million inhabitants of water, light, heat and communications.

Currently, the search for the relatives of the deceased girl is underway. It is only known that the mother of six-year-old Tanya died before the death of her daughter.

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