They do not change their own: militants and those mobilized from Donbass are doomed to life in prisons and camps


They don't change their own: militants and mobilized from Donbass are doomed to life in prisons and camps

Militants and mobilized ORDLO may never be included in the lists for the exchange of prisoners/”Gal -info”

More than 5 months of stubborn fighting on all fronts have shown how the Russian invaders treat their personnel. Putin is not at all interested in the fate of his fellow citizens, and he generally considers the inhabitants of the non-republics of Donbass to be third-rate.

According to Channel 24 intelligence sources, all the prisoner exchanges that took place as of July 20 indicate that Russia is not going to return home the militants and those mobilized from ORDLO. The lists agreed by the Kremlin before the exchange almost do not include residents of Donbass.

Since the beginning of full-scale hostilities in Ukraine, no more than 50 residents of the occupied parts of Donbass and the Luhansk region have returned home from captivity.

“Ombudsmen” of the quasi-republics only send replies to relatives

  • According to Ukrainian law, all mobilized by Russia are victims of the Kremlin's war crimes. However, this does not in any way relieve them of responsibility for participating in hostilities against the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Mobilized, who have committed serious crimes and were captured, receive sentences in the courts. Those who did not violate Ukrainian laws are kept in POW camps. If Russia does not invite them for an exchange, such people will have to rot in prisons, and they will be able to return home only if the war ends.
  • There is no other way to ever see their relatives among the prisoners of the so-called “DPR” ” and “LPR” are not.

No one knows how the militants and those mobilized in Donbas get on the exchange lists. Indeed, in the Russian Ministry of Defense, their relatives are sent to the “ombudsmen” of ORDLO, explaining that “Russia has nothing to do with the“ republics ”. , but also because there can be no exchanges between Kyiv and quasi-formations without the permission of Moscow.

So the only real option for the residents of Donbass to get their men and children out of Ukrainian captivity is to put pressure on the Russian side. But, unfortunately, almost none of the relatives of the prisoners understand this nuance, so almost all communications with them are carried out by the “ombudsman for less” ORDLO Victoria Serdyukova and Daria Morozova.

However, all these “commissioners for human rights” are not capable of anything other than sending unsettled women replies that “everything will be fine with their relatives” and “they will be exchanged soon.” This is a complete lie, because neither Morozov nor Serdyukova have any contacts with at least one of the representatives of Ukraine. They fully understand that they are not involved in the exchange of prisoners at all, but they shamelessly deceive heartbroken people.

According to statistics, it was the “DPR” and “LPR” units that suffered the greatest losses in this war, but this is never recognized at the “official” level in the quasi-republics. And while the Russians are driving thousands of militants and generally unmotivated mobilized into a fierce battle, Pushilin and his entourage are actively engaged in their own enrichment: they steal humanitarian aid and squander the money allocated by Russia.

Representatives of the “authorities” of the under-republics spend evenings in expensive restaurants or they throw parties in the administrative buildings, but they do nothing at all to bring the prisoners home. Because the Russian curators clearly ordered them not to try to ask stupid questions and calm the population.

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