They do not want to die: the Russian military, who were transferred from Syria, do not want to fight in Ukraine


They do not want to die: the Russian military, who were transferred from Syria, do not want to fight in Ukraine

Putin's military do not want their relocation from Syria to Ukraine/Ukrinform

A contingent of Russian troops based in Syria may enter Ukraine in June. The military, who bombed hospitals and civilians, will be transferred to the Donbass without vacations and even the opportunity to see their relatives.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, most of the Syrian contingent is made up of non-humans from units of the military space forces and support and supply troops. However, even though the job of the lion's share of Putin's military is not to participate in hostilities on the front line, the Russians are very, very afraid.

The decision of the military leadership to leave Syria, despite the weakening of the position of Putin's friend Bashar al-Assad, it was not sudden for the Horde, since they were fully aware of the state of affairs in Ukraine.

Wagnerites persuaded to break contracts

  • The invaders, who had been in Syria for several years, communicated with the militants of the Wagner PKK, with whom they cooperated during the escalation in 2015-2016.
  • In their stories, the mercenaries said that they had not seen anything more terrible, than the war against Ukraine. According to them, participation in hostilities in 2014, the war against scattered rebel groups in Syria, the suppression of the opposition in the Central African Republic, were just a walk in comparison with what the defenders of Ukraine have arranged for them now.
  • The Russian invaders have also heard about the number of planes and helicopters shot down, which also does not give them courage and desire to fight against units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Troops, State Border Guard Service, National Guard and the police.
  • Therefore, when Putin's parquet generals announced the decision to relocate the Horde to engage in hostilities in Ukraine, they did not restrain their dissatisfaction, and the surviving Wagner mercenaries quite actively persuaded their friends from the Syrian contingent to avoid a business trip at any cost.

According to the Ukrainian special services, war criminals, accustomed only to fighting units without serious air defense systems, counted on the fact that after relocating they could at least go home and see their relatives. Some wanted to find a lawyer and terminate the contract with the army. However, since the Russians are sorely lacking the forces and means to conduct serious military operations, the generals even canceled planned vacations for the entire contingent.

They hope that Russia will quickly lose

In conversations with relatives, some pilots from Syria say that the command will not allow them to be fired. At the same time, the pilots understand that even now, carrying out combat missions in Ukraine is a very dangerous occupation, and by June the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be significantly strengthened.

The invaders from the Syrian contingent complain that the Russian armed forces over the past 30 years turned into an exclusively commercial structure, where everyone from a soldier to a general is engaged exclusively in their own enrichment, but does not understand military affairs at all. The members of the Horde also complain that they are used to being in Syria, where nothing threatened their lives.

At the same time, they received allowances due to service abroad, as well as military ones. In Ukraine, they will earn the same, but the risks to their lives will increase hundreds of times.

Therefore, Putin's military hopes that Russia will suffer a crushing defeat at the front even before they are sent to Ukraine, because to die for even professional military pilots, who have been trained for such missions for many years, do not want an incomprehensible idea.

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