“They don’t leave their own”: Russia promised money to the quasi-republics, but did not give them


“They don’t leave their own”: Russia promised money to the quasi-republics, but did not give them

Kremlin propaganda assures that life in the occupied territories is a fairy tale. At the same time, the facts show that people who expected the “Russian world” will soon eat worms. Actually, it became known that Russia promised a lot of money to the quasi-republics, but allocated only a small part of the declared amount.

The other day, the so-called authorities of the occupied Donetsk region admitted that Russia did not give 35 to 40% of the promised money to the budget of illegal education. Note that we are talking about the “budget” of February 2023. This is reported by Channel 24 with reference to the enemy media.

How Russia came and “put things in order”

It should be said that the so-called “Ministry of Finance” of the occupied part of Donbass reported about the hole in the budget. Obviously, this is another evidence that Russia can only lie and promise, but in reality – do nothing.

It will not be surprising if, in the foreseeable future, fans of the “Russian world” will only have to eat worms from the gardens, because the Kremlin cannot sponsor its illegal “projects.”

It is also interesting that, as the occupiers-separatists will note, the profitable part of the budget of the Donetsk quasi-republic for January “was fulfilled by almost 113%.” However, “for some reason” in February, this figure is only 59.9% of the planned income.

Note! The temporary occupation authorities of Donbass have previously stated that the revenue of the so-called “budget” in 2023 will amount to 196 billion rubles. Moreover, as much as 87% of this amount – 171 billion rubles – is allegedly “gratuitous receipts from the federal budget of Russia.”

On HERE “not life, but raspberries”

  • To the topic of the deficit in the budget of the Donetsk quasi-republic, let us recall the fact that rabies among animals is becoming more and more rampant in the occupied territories every day. In several cities of the Donetsk region, they even introduced quarantine restrictions due to a sudden outbreak of a sore.
  • It is not surprising, since Russia can hardly be called a country that cares about its citizens. It is all the more senseless to expect that she will take care of people living in the territories she occupies, or their pets. By the way, the Kremlin recently decided to close mines in the Donetsk region.
  • However, there is also a sad part to this story. Unfortunately, there is a considerable percentage of people on the WOT who do not agree with the regime established by the invaders, but do not have the opportunity to leave. The only way out of this situation, obviously, is de-occupation.

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