They drink a lot of alcohol and behave indecently – Fedorov about the Syrians in Melitopol


They drink a lot of alcohol and behave indecently, – Fedorov about the Syrians in Melitopol

Fedorov about the Syrians in Melitopol/”Ria-Melitopol”

Fedorov confirmed the presence of Syrian mercenaries in Melitopol. He said that they drink a lot of alcohol and behave indecently.

The Syrians were spotted in an area called Aviagorodok. This was stated by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov on the air of the Rada TV channel on June 21, channel 24 reports. h2>

Ivan Fedorov says that there is a separate area in Melitopol called Aviagorodok. It is located close to the aviation military base captured by the invaders. Here the locals noticed the Syrians dressed in Russian uniforms. That was 2 days ago.

The Mayor of Melitopol notes that the stay of the Syrians in the city is a true fact from the residents who saw it with their own eyes.

The Syrians, like all Russian occupiers, behave indecently and drink a lot of alcohol. Therefore, people try not to leave their houses.

Russian servicemen treat the local population in different ways. But we know that they drink a lot of alcohol, act rather obscenely in the afternoon. So people try to hide from them. They almost never leave their apartments when they see a Russian soldier,” says Fedorov.

In Melitopol, as in other occupied cities, the crime rate is high. After all, the occupiers kidnap people and do everything to make them uncomfortable.

Latest news about the situation in Melitopol

Practically all educators in Melitopol opposed cooperation with the occupiers. Therefore, teachers from Russia are brought into the city.

The Mayor of Melitopol said that on June 19, he managed to record a message about the recruitment of teachers from Novosibirsk. He noted that they were offered to move to the territory of the temporarily occupied Zaporozhye region. Fedorov stressed that the situation is threatening, because everyone is well aware of what this study will be like.

According to media reports, the Russian invaders have come up with a new corruption scheme. Now only trucks with yellow passes can enter the city. Drivers are willing to pay big money to get the so-called “document”.

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