They drowned their own tanks, but this did not help: Arestovich spoke about the “Kharkov Chernobaevka”


They sank their own tanks, but that didn't help either: Arestovich spoke about "Kharkov Chernobaevka"

They sank their own tanks, but that didn't help either: Arestovich spoke about “Kharkov Chernobaevka”/InformNapalm

In a village on the Seversky Donets in the Kharkiv region, Russian equipment was destroyed not only by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also by the invaders themselves. Aleksey Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration, called this settlement “the new Chernobaevka”.

Arestovich said that Ukrainian defenders are constantly frustrating the plans of the enemy troops to build a crossing over the river.

Therefore, the Russians they thought of sinking their own tanks in order to run a pontoon over them. But the Ukrainian military destroyed the plans of the invaders, because the enemy military equipment remained under water.

The army of the Russian Federation tried to make a pontoon to cross the river. But our artillery destroyed the crossing with each new attempt. It got to the point that the occupiers had to sink their tanks in order to run a pontoon over them. True, unsuccessfully, – said Arestovich.

Help. On May 9, the head of the Luhansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai, reported that on May 8, the enemy managed to build a pontoon crossing across the Seversky Donets. And although the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed it, the invaders managed to transport a certain number of troops, so heavy fighting began.

What Chernobaevka became famous for that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are consistently hitting the positions of the Russians. In the beginning, the infidels were destroyed in the same place, where they returned again and again. This made the mention of Chernobaevka a meme. As Aleksey Arestovich said the day before, now the score is 18:0.

What you need to know about the situation in Chernobaevka

  • However, the situation in Chernobaevka itself is not happy at all . People have been living in occupation for a long time under constant shelling, surviving without medicines. The Russian military rob houses and kidnap people.
  • Now about 200 houses have been damaged in the village. The invaders repeatedly shelled the village with hailstones and cluster bombs.
  • The invaders captured the head of Chernobaevka Igor Dudar and his deputy Yevgeny Rodionov.
  • serious condition in the hospital. It is under the supervision of the aggressor troops.

  • On the same day, the Russians seized the building of the Chernobyevsky village council, and on May 8 they appointed an occupation administration, headed by Yury Turulev.
  • Legal employees of the Chernobyevsky village council refused to cooperate with the invaders. In protest, they left the occupied administrative building, but continued to work remotely.

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