“They even ran ahead of NATO troops”: Lukashenko accused Ukraine of the conflict on the border

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He also said that Europe should have accepted the refugees.

The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that “he has a plan to respond to any attempt to create a conflict on the border with Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.”

The corresponding video from his interview to the Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev was published by the pro-government media outlet BelTA.

“We have begun maneuvers (ed. – NATO troops) in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. What should I do as commander-in-chief? I should not go for provocations, but I must predict what will happen so that it does not work out like in 1941. Stalin to everyone: “do not succumb to provocations, do not succumb.” The signals came from the Kremlin, and then the war actually began. Therefore, I have to have plans and units of the Belarusian army that will react to any attempt to create a conflict on the border of the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine. , – Lukashenko said.

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus also accused Ukraine of being the first to start “maneuvers and provocations on the border.”

“Unfortunately , they ran ahead of even the NATO troops, well, as always. The Ukrainians closed the skies earlier than the EU and the Americans for the flights of Belarusian planes, exactly the same here, “Lukashenko said.

Let us remind you that Belarus provoked migration crisis on their borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Po more. Illegals from Iraq, Syria and African countries are arriving in Minsk en masse, and the Belarusian border service helps migrants to get to the EU. Passing refugees was the Lukashenka regime's response to Western sanctions. Some experts and European and American officials suggest that the purpose of the artificial migration crisis may be to divert attention from the Russian preparations for a new attack against Ukraine .

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