They fly at great speed: which missiles cannot shoot down the Ukrainian air defense forces


They fly at great speed: which missiles cannot shoot down the Ukrainian air defense forces

Russia uses a huge range of missiles to strike Ukraine. Due to the lack of special means, the air defense forces of Ukraine, unfortunately, cannot shoot down some enemy missiles.

Yuri Ignat, speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, spoke about this in an exclusive interview with Channel 24 . According to him, the Ukrainian military cannot shoot down 6 types of missiles and MLRS rockets.

Air defense forces cannot shoot down ballistics

“We do not shoot down ballistic missiles. In particular, Iskander-M are 9M723 ballistic missiles, which the enemy used a lot at the beginning of the war. In fact, the Russians spent their entire strategic supply of Iskander-M at the beginning of the war, so subsequently they began to use obsolete “Tochka-U” systems. At the Kramatorsk railway station, for example. Also, unfortunately, there is no way to intercept MLRS missiles like Smerch,” Ignat said.

He explained that these missiles fly fast and on a ballistic trajectory. According to him, the missiles actually fall on the target with great speed.

In order to bring down the already falling, special anti-aircraft missile systems are needed. We also refer to ballistics the S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles, which the occupiers use against ground targets in the frontline zone at a distance of up to 150 kilometers. – said the speaker of the Air Force.

He also added that when using the S-300, the greater the distance from the launch site, the greater the inaccuracy. Therefore, as Ignat says, the occupiers often end up in the wrong place, as a result of which civilians die. “In this application, it is nothing but a weapon of terrorism,” the speaker said.

Also, the air defense forces of Ukraine cannot shoot down the X-22 missile, which “although it is classified as a cruise missile, its speed is 4-5 thousand kilometers per hour.”

Ignat explained that it is launched from a very high altitude, “and when entering the target, it actually dives like ballistics.”

This missile has a deadly warhead weighing 950 kg. It was she who demolished the house in the Dnieper and the shopping center in Kremenchug. he said.

The situation is similar with the R-800 Oniks supersonic coastal anti-ship cruise missiles, with which the Russians often attack the Odessa region. In addition, the Ukrainian air defense forces cannot shoot down a hypersonic aeroballistic missile. Kh-47 “Dagger” used from MiG-31K aircraft.

“The complexity of its defeat is conditionally several times higher than the same Kh-22, due to the significantly higher flight speed, even less time for the response of equipment and people,” Yuri Ignat said.

Pay attention . On March 9, Russia launched 6 “Daggers” in Ukraine at once. In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the invaders have used about 20 “Daggers”. In a month, Russia can produce 1 – 2 “Daggers”. The enemy has about fifty of these missiles.

“Besides, “narrow-profile” aviation anti-radar missiles Kh-31P and similar short-range air-to-ground missiles, so to speak, of the lower, tactical level, also do not go down. But for the most part they pose a threat only near the line of combat collision, “- summarized. Ignatius.

Which missiles cannot yet shoot down air defense forces

  • 9M723 – Iskander-M ballistic missile,
  • 9M79M – missile “Tochka-U”,
  • MLRS missiles,
  • X-22 – supersonic air-launched anti-ship cruise missile,
  • R-800 – coastal-based cruise missile “Oniks”,
  • X-47 – hypersonic aeroballistic missile “Dagger”,
  • Kh-31P – aviation anti-radar missile.

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